Dni Ateizmu – Days of Atheism in Warsaw 2015

Also in this year we participated in the International Atheist Congress held in Warsaw from March 27 - 29, 2015. The speeches given by Ahriman's authors Ulrike Tietze and Mirjam Stolz on the congress are attached below. Compared to last year (see the report below) the character of the Conference has unfortunately changed significantly, for it was mainly held in the Polish parliament, the Sejm in Warsaw, which required pre-registration for all visitors via Internet and in fact excluded large parts of the public. Also the extremely tight agenda and different locations for the panels and events did not allow the audience to join in the discussion of the various topics. This is a pity because open discussion (characteristic for last year's conference!) is essential and the true value of such an atheist meeting.

The central event was again the March of Atheists in the historical city center of Warsaw, commemorating Kazimierz Łyszczyński, the Polish martyr of Enlightenment. We took part in the March with two banners:


The first one demanded freedom and honour for today's martyr of Enlightenment, the Saudi blogger and intellectual Raif Badawi, and 10.000 lashes for the Saudi king and lifelong prison on top. Our second banner was dedicated to the Polish film-director Roman Polanski who is again hounded by despicable US authorities and their willing executioners in Krakow.

As a practical result the vast majority of the congress participants signed our protest list against the current destruction of the Spanish Abortion law. This resolution is also documented below.

 Speech of Dr. Ulrike Tietze
 Speech of Dr. Mirjam Stolz
 Protest letter